About WRF

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The World Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since its inception in 1984, WRF has established a unique, international, health information network. Our primary goal is to help people become informed of all available treatments around the world, so that they could have the freedom to choose based on complete and in-depth information.


The purpose of the Foundation is to locate, gather, codify, evaluate, classify, and disseminate information dealing with health and the environment. All countries are contacted to collect the best health information in an unbiased, neutral, and independent manner. The collected health information encompasses both ancient and current data from traditional and nontraditional medicine.


The World Research Foundation is one of the only organizations that provides comprehensive health information on both allopathic and complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. In addition, WRF is the premier organization with established contacts with health practitioners and clinics in Europe. It has one of the foremost health information and philosophical libraries in the nation, and is considered a principal source regarding alternative medicine treatments and therapies. WRF has no bias, and strives to provide the most accurate health information to anyone in need.


Highlights of WRF include the following:

l  Offices in the United States, Europe, and the Far East
l  A worldwide advisory board of more than 100 scientific experts
l  Consulting to numerous governmental, medical, and scientific organizations throughout the world
l  International Health Congresses presenting health research from renowned medical and scientific specialists
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