What Is Energy Medicine?

Presentation by Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D.

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What is energy medicine?

This brief video contains an excerpt from the speech given at the 2009 Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine by Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D. Dr. Oschman believes that a new breakthrough in medical practice is just around the corner; that of using energy biomedicine in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, chronic conditions and other medical conditions. This new technology is entering mainstream use; it stimulates the repair and regeneration of tissues and helps to greatly accelerate the healing process.

Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., President, A4M (American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine):
It's very difficult to walk in the shoes of Galileo. But, unfortunately, that's the path that every new medical innovator must take; certainly, those of us in the field of anti-aging medicine -- or preventive medicine -- have felt the wrath of the establishment every time we try to innovate with something that's new.


Energy medicine is in this exact path, and we are very happy to have a presentation by Dr. Oschman, who is talking about some rather innovative therapies in regard to electromedicine and energy medicine.


Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D.:
When I look back over the history of medicine, there are periods when things stay pretty much the same, and then there are great breakthroughs. The "germ theory" of disease... it's amazing to think that, at the time of the Civil War, the physicians didn't know what infection was. And we've had vaccination… and we've had the discovery of the HIV virus… and we've had the development of trauma medicine… milestones in the history of medicine.


And I think another milestone is upon us. It is the advent of energy medicine.


For some people, energy medicine is an uncomfortable term. It is often said that there is no scientific basis for energy medicine. My life is about demonstrating that that's not true. My prediction is that energy medicine will increasingly become a major aspect of anti-aging medicine.


So what is energy medicine?


First, what is energy? Nothing happens in nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of knowledge of any kind occurs only with an energy transfer. There are no exceptions. This is a rule of nature.


Light can do the work of shifting the confirmation of pigments in your eyes so that you can see me. Gravity does the work of breaking your leg when you fall off your bicycle. Sound vibrates the little hair cells in your cochlea so that you can hear my voice. The hair cells in the olfactory epithelium pick up the vibrations of odor molecules so that you can smell. Heat can do the work of frying your eggs. The chemical energy from breakfast can operate your nerves and muscles.


Energy is basic to everything we do. It's our whole experience of life, of the world around us and the world within us.


So we can define energy medicine. It's the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy.


And these are ordinary energies; there is nothing mythical here: Heat, light, sound, gravity, pressure, vibration, electricity, magnetism, chemical energy, electromagnetism… the basic forces that surround and inter-penetrate us.


Energy medicine includes a whole range of hands-on methods, hands-off methods, energy techniques and devices. The hands-on methods range from acupuncture to zero balancing, chiropractic, craniosacral, osteopathy and so on. Energy medicine involves medicine of particular frequencies, intensities, wave shapes and other characteristics that stimulate the repair and regeneration of one or more tissues.


So that's my definition.


For silly reasons, we've left energetics out of our medicine. When we ignore energy, we miss 99% of reality. In fact, what can you comprehend about anything without energetics? When we leave energy out of our biomedicine, we miss a vast amount of our healing potential.


We've been wearing blinders. We've been using television for a hundred years...


Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D.:
In the not-so-distant future, we will see energy medicine really becoming mainstream. It's just starting right now; we're finding that energy medicine can be very effective for a number of chronic disorders.


This is subtle energy. This is energy that's safe, and -- we're finding now -- effective. Energy medicine is on its way to mainstream healthcare. And we think that it will be effective for many common problems that we all suffer from now.


If you'd like to learn more about this new, emerging field of medicine, energy medicine, there are some excellent resource available online at www.worldhealth.net, the official website of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.



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