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And Nothing Happened... But You Can Make It Happen

By Steven A. Ross

$21.95  173 pp

As medical and health costs continue to rise, this has not lead to acceptable solutions for any of our major health challenges. To continue throughout your life taking pharmaceutical drugs or have constant surgeries for a particular health challenge should not be tolerated. Is there an alternative to the manner in which we treat disease? Inside this book you will discover that there are better solutions for our health care and why they have not been included into our medical system. Inside this book, in a non-technical manner, you will learn about:
* A past chairman of the Nobel Assembly whose electrical cure for cancer, with no adverse effects, was completely ignored
* A device that heals wounds at twice normal speed
* An African herb that has shown in multiple studies to eliminate the need for heart-bypass in 90% of studies
* The most powerful light-source microscope in the world; if it was used for research would change the entire paradigm of medicine away from pharmaceuticals
* How the use of color allowed a little girl with third-degree burns on 2/3 of her body to grow new skin without topical preparations
* How an eagle was cured of a health problem but why humans are denied the therapy and must continue to suffer with the same difficulty

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Let There Be Light - Eighth Edition

By Darius Dinshah  (Hardcover)


Darius Dinshah is the son of Dinshah Ghadiali, the founder of the Spectro-Chrome chromotherapy system. This book describes the use of specific colors for treating ailments; the length of time for exposure, specific equipment to be used, etc. Ghadiali would have to be regarded as one of the foremost and most effective proponents for the use of color therapy. This book also includes sections dealing with the equivalent sounds for colors; reprints of articles and court cases relating the use of color therapy in the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

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New Light on Therapeutic Energies

By Mark Gallert  (Spiral)

$39.95  268 pp

This remarkable book is an encyclopedia of the healing arts. Here is real research data on how the "Finer Forces" of nature have been used for effective healing. The wisdom and experience of many great pioneers in the healing arts is presented in a simple and practical form, including theory, equipment and instructions for its use in research. You can explore the research of Dr. George Starr White, Dinshah Ghadiali, Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Hahnemann, L.E. Eeman, Lakhovsky and others.

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Red and Blue Light (Orig published 1877)

By S. Paancoast  (Spiral)


An incredible book devoted to the "True Science of Light," describing light and its rays as medicine, showing that light is the original and sole source of life, as it is the source of all the physical and vital forces of nature, that light is the one and only remedy for disease provided by nature, and explaining how to apply the red and blue rays in curing the sick and feeble, together with a chapter on light in the vegetable kingdom.

Rhythmic Formative Forces of Music

By Michael Theroux  (Spiral)


In most cases, books on the subject of mystical properties of music merely discuss it from an acoustic or vibrational standpoint. It is from the qualitative nature of things that the subject of music is treated in this work. Leaving behind the innumerable, mechanistic defintions of the music of the spheres, this book will help you understand the qualitative aspects of our musical cosmology, and will give you the means of directly applying this new knowledge. Subjects covered include: Cosmic rhythms, alchemy, counterpoint and projective geometry, counterspatial geometries and musical dissociation, the Tellurics of Music and more. Included in the book are the rare texts, "Sound in Relation to Health" by Horace Leaf and "The Eldophone Figures" by Margaret Watts Hughes. This book includes a wonderful bibliography on the subject matter.

Royal R. Rife Report

By Alison Davidson  (Paperback)


The brilliant medical scientist Royal R. Rife developed a microscope so amazingly powerful that he could see viruses beyond the optical wavelengths of light. He also created a radiant gas broadcast unit that could kill dangerous viruses without harming the animal host. Here in this file is the available historical record of the long-suppressed work of Rife. Articles include: The Wondrous Rife Microscope, Invisible Ultra-violet Life Frequencies Made Visible; Electron Therapy Research; The Rife Microscope or "Facts and Their Fate;" The New Microscopes; photo gallery of the equipment of Royal Rife; What Has Become of the Rife Microscope; and much more.

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Secret of Life

By Georges Lakhovsky  (Report)

$16.95  212 pp

A classical work by a great researcher who developed the Multi-wave Oscillator. Contents include: Universal Nature of Radiation in Living Beings, On Radiations in General and on Electromagnetic Waves in Particular, Oscillation and Radiation of Cells, Nature of Radiant Energy, Causation of Cancer, Therapeutics of Cellular Oscillation and the Origin of Life.

Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia

By Dinshah Ghadiali  (Hardcover)


After fifty years, the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia is once again available. The new format has reduced the original three-volume set in one complete volume. For those interested in the science and theory of color therapy, as well as the reason why particular colors are used for various health conditions, this book is a must. Ghadiali stated in the first edition of his encyclopedia, "The unsuspecting public, not knowing the difference between ordinary colors and attuned color waves, used them under the belief they were Spectro-Chromes and the blame of ineffeciency was passed onto my system. Thus, in my defense as well as for the enlightenment of the conscientious student, I publish this work, so the Truth may be revealed and the frauds unmasked."

Thoughts Do Heal (Calligaris Lecture Transcript)

By Hubert M. Schweizer  (Notes)


Transcripts and notes from the 1987 lecture delivered by Hubert M. Schweizer, containing diagrams and charts as well as some exercises to develop an awareness of the Calligaris technique.

Waves That Heal, The

By Mark Clement  (Report)


Here, in simple and clear language, the new science of Radiobiology is presented with astonishing photographs taken before and after treatment. In this concise and factual account, you can read how health has been restored to plants, animals and human beings without operations or drugs.