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The World Research Foundation Library contains over 30,000 books of information on all forms of health therapies and treatments from around the world. We realize that many people cannot physically visit our library or do not have the time necessary to conduct thorough research.


As a service to our patrons, we continually review these volumes (as well as thousands of articles from magazines and medical journals) and organize the data into information packets. Each packet typically contains from 300 to 500 pages of previously published material on a specific medical problem and therapies that have been used.


Using these packets can save many hours of wading through the thousands of books that are housed at the WRF library.


These health information packets can be purchased online, at the WRF health library in Sedona, Arizona, or by calling (928) 284-3300. The cost for each search packet is shown below, plus shipping and handling. For delivery outside of the United States, there is an additional shipping charge of US$10.00.


Click on a letter above to see a list of library information search packets. If you do not see your topic listed, please call us at (928) 284-3300 to see whether a specialized information packet is available


SubjectPriceApprox PagesBuy Now
Any donation amount$Any amountN/A
Cadmium Toxicity$60.00400 pp
Caffeine$35.0075 pp
Calcification of Soft Tissue$50.00150 pp
Cancer, Adrenalcorticol Carcinoma$15.0030 pp
Cancer, Bladder$60.00550 pp
Cancer, Bone$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Brain Tumor$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Breast$60.00600 pp
Cancer, Cervix$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Colon$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Esophagus$50.00250 pp
Cancer, General$60.001000 pp
Cancer, Hodgkins Disease
 (See Also: Cancer, Lymphoma)
$60.00200 pp
Cancer, Kaposis Sarcoma$60.00400 pp
Cancer, Kidney / Renal$60.00300 pp
Cancer, Leukemia$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Liver$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Lung$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins)
 (See Also: Cancer, Hodgkin's Disease)
$60.00600 pp
Cancer, Melanoma$60.00600 pp
Cancer, Mesothelioma$15.0030 pp
Cancer, Multiple Myeloma$60.00300 pp
Cancer, OTA Report$60.00350 pp
Cancer, Ovarian$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Pancreas$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Prostate$60.00400 pp
Cancer, Skin$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Stomach$60.00400 pp
Cancer, Testes$60.00300 pp
Cancer, Tumor$60.00500 pp
Cancer, Uterus$60.00700 pp
Cancer, Vagina$60.00300 pp
Candida$60.00500 pp
Canker Sores
 (See Also: Herpes; Cold Sores)
$40.00100 pp
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome$60.00350 pp
Carpet Toxicity$50.00200 pp
Cataract$60.00500 pp
Cavities / Dental Caries / Tooth Decay$60.00400 pp
Celiac Sprue (Gluten Intolerance)$35.00110 pp
Cell Therapy$30.0060 pp
Cerebral Palsy$25.0050 pp
Cervical Cancer$60.00500 pp
Cervical Dysplasia$60.00500 pp
Chelation Therapy$50.00300 pp
Chemical Sensitivity$60.00500 pp
Chemotherapy$60.00300 pp
Chicken Pox (Varicella)
 (See Also: Herpes, Zoster)
$10.0020 pp
Childbirth (Pregnancy)$60.00500 pp
Chinese Medicine$50.00300 pp
Chiropractic$25.0060 pp
Chlorine and Detox$50.00300 pp
Cholelithiasis$60.00500 pp
Cholesterol$60.00600 pp
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome$60.00600 pp
Cirrhosis$60.00600 pp
Cold Sores
 (See Also: Herpes; Canker Sores)
$60.00300 pp
Colds and Flus$60.00300 pp
 (See Also: Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
$60.00500 pp
Colloidal Silver$50.00200 pp
Colon$50.00200 pp
Colon Cancer$60.00500 pp
Colon Cleansing$60.00300 pp
Colonics and Enemas$60.00500 pp
Color Therapy
 (See Also: Light Therapy)
$60.00300 pp
Constipation$60.00300 pp
Contraceptives, Natural$25.0050 pp
Convulsions$40.00100 pp
Cow Dung Therapy$10.0025 pp
Crib Death$40.00100 pp
Crohns Disease$60.00500 pp
Cymatics$60.00500 pp
Cystic Fibrosis$60.00300 pp
Cystitis (Includes Interstitial)$60.00500 pp