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World Research Foundation

Your global source of health information for illnesses and therapies used around the world.

Our health information is collected, categorized and disseminated in an independent and unbiased manner. It includes allopathic medicine alongside complementary and alternative medicine — ancient and traditional techniques and healing therapies as well as the latest medical technology.

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New to our site? To learn more about who we are and the health information provided by and within our foundation, visit the About WRF page.


World Research Fund

Funding Innovative Research

The World Research Fund (WRFund) is collecting funds to provide grants for innovative health research around the world. The WRFund supports those research projects that have demonstrated potential success for health problems such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, arthritis and many other health challenges.


The Latest News

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Research & Health News

When it comes to the latest breakthroughs in health and environmental research, as well as the politics that surrounds it all, things change every day. Stay on top of the most recent news and developments by visiting our Top Stories & Tips section.

Save Countless Hours of Research Time!

As a service to our patrons, we continually review the thousands of volumes of health information books in our network, as well as the new articles that come into our library every day, and organize them into health information packets on hundreds of different health topics.

Using these packets can save you many, many hours of browsing through innumerable sources of health information - and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Click on a letter below to look through our list of health information search packets:

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The World Research Foundation Network

…is a collection of libraries, universities, clinics and research facilities located around the world. The main portion of WRF's own holdings is located in our two-story library in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Comprised of over 30,000 volumes, the library features information on all forms of health therapies from cowdung therapy (agni hotra) to chemotherapy. In addition, the library houses a large number of books dealing with philosophical subjects as far back as the 16th century.

To learn more, visit the WRF Library page.


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  • And Nothing Happened… by Steven Ross, Ph.D

    Although the cost of healthcare continues to rise, effective cures are not being found our major health challenges. Pharmaceutical drugs and surgery should not be your only option. Are there any alternative to the manner in which we treat disease? Inside this book you will discover better solutions for our health care, and why these solutions have been excluded from common medical practice.

  • The Oldest Medical Books in the World

    There is ample evidence that the ancient Egyptians placed a high priority on preserving their health. Papyri from the time period indicates that they were experienced clinicians knowing both the resources and limits of their art


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