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The effects of magnets and magnetic fields has been known for a very long time. Galen, a Greek physician around 200 BC, in his book, De Simplicium Medicamentorum Facultatibus, mentions the use of magnets. In 1000 A.D., a famous Persian physician described his findings using magnetism to relieve various disorders. In the early 1500s, the great medical doctor, Paracelsus, wrote several treatises on the use of magnets and magnetism. While Paracelsus gave many hints for the nature and use of magnetism, it was the writings of a monk by the name of Athanasius Kircher, Father Kircher, who taught a whole philosophy of universal magnetism.

What these philosophers tried to elaborate upon was that there is an intangible invisible, magnetic power that draws things together. Individual elements might not really be considered magnetic but they all possess a magnetic aspect that attracts one thing to another.

Father Kircher stated that “there is but one magnet in the universe, and from it proceeds the magnetization of everything existing.” He labeled this the Spiritual Son or God. All things exist within the universal magnetic fluid. Father Kircher went on to explain a theory of medicine based on sympathy and antipathy, much the same as Paracelsus spoke of some one hundred years earlier, wherein good aspects good be attracted to the patient and less positive influences could be drawn out of the patient, to attach to some element, particle, metal that was near the patient.



In the writings of Dr. Ambrose Pare, regarded as one of the top five physicians of all time, he described how physicians took lodestone, a natural magnet, ground it into fine powder, and mixed it with ‘pappe’ to be taken internally. The magnetic powder mixed with honey was applied to external openings, wounds, ruptures, and ‘other forms’ of human ailments. Interestingly enough, in the 1980s medical persons in Israel mixed medicines and antibiotics with magnetic powder. The patient would take the mixture orally, then a magnetic would be applied to the outside of the body for direction to that area in need of medication. The magnet then holds the medication in that specific area for a better effect of the medication.

William Maxwell in the late 1600s also wrote quite a bit regarding magnetic attractions within the animal, vegetable and human realms. Most all of these previously mentioned individuals speak of emotional and chemical affinities, or attractions, in the same terms as we would with the use of a physical magnet. Maxwell went on to state in his book, Medicina Magnetica, that there are important propositions to be aware of regarding magnetic attractions: “There is a universal attraction, or what some people call a world-soul, it is life, as fire and ethereal as light itself. All matter is destitute of action, except when this life-force, magnetic force, permeates it.” Maxwell also stated that the life force, magnetism, is found in nature free from all fetters, and “he who understands how to unite it with a harmonizing body, possess a treasure which exceeds all riches.”

“He who knows this magnetic spirit, a common bond of all quarters of the earth, and lives through and in all …knowing its application can prevent all injuries.”

“If thou will avail themself of this spirit, and fix it upon a paticular body, it will perform great healing.”

“He who knows how to operate on men by this universal spirit, can heal, and this at any distance that he pleases.”

Now the great healers and healing locations around the world have been subjected and emanate this magnetic force. The tomb of a saint; a holy relic; a talisman; a bit of paper or a garment that has been handled by the healer; a nostrum; a penance or a ceremonial which has been blessed with the magnetic force of love or faith all have the ability to illicit great and wonderful cures.

Some of the great healers of the past such as Cure d’Ars, J.R. Newton, Valentine Greatrakes, Gassner and many others possessed a strong magnetic current that people either felt or heard; yes, heard! During some of the healings people would hear a popping sound in the air and also feel strong magnetic effects.

Now let us turn our attention to the use of physical magnets and their application to various diseases, illnesses and physical problems.

Two of the greatest researchers into magnetic effects were, Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. (The following information is taken from their books, The Magnetic Effect and Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System.)

“Over 300 active cancer biopsy transplants to laboratory strain white rats, mice and rabbits, each having a similar blood type to that of man, 89.6 percent, were programmed as to growth, development and/or arrest of cancer. This was accomplished through the proper application of the arresting energy of a magnet’s poles. Of the several hundred research transplants of cancer to rats, rabbits, mice, and other animals, it has been proven that the N pole, the magnetic negative energy of the two poles and their separate energies, has slowed, controlled and arrested further development of the active cancer site. Better than 90 percent of the cases so treated have shown a control and arrest of the cancerous condition, depending on the state of advancement of the cancer and the age and physical condition of the animal in question.”

“To further support this finding, when the S pole of a magnet, this being the positive energy of a magnet, is applied to cancers they become more advanced and then develop, grow and spread at an accelerated rate.” For more information regarding the gauss strength of the magnets, please read their book, Magnetism and its Effects….

Regarding sex life and aging the researchers found the following: “…the sex life and the mice and rats we used as controls was considered to be normal. The sex life of the N pole rodents was limited and less active than the controls. It was noted that experiments with the mice, rats and rabbits all resulted in the same percentage of exactness in resulting behavior. The S pole rodents, encompassing all of the above mentioned types, reacted to a far greater sex life with frequent activity. The exposure of the rodents to the S pole energies acted to inspire strength and vigor and when applied to the sex organs encouraged greater development of sperm produced and larger percentages of resultant fertility. This was responsible in part for changing the rodents and animals in their inborn habits, personalities, behavior and reproduction. (Note: Please consult the book for specific details. WRF is merely quoting these sources but not recommending them for human use.) The life span of rodents and animals can be extended up to 50 percent. Mice and rats proved this possibility. In larger animals it has been more difficult to note this due to their normal life span reaching 18 to 25 years, as in the case of cats and dogs.”

“The use of a horseshoe magnet is not accurate for this research. A better separation of the North and South pole energies is necessary. A flat slatelike magnet was designed that allowed 3000 gauss averages over extended lengths of time with little loss of energy. Gauss is the unit of magnetism, as volt is the unit of measuring voltage. The N-1 type of biomagnet was constructed and used in this research. The magnet is approximately six inches long by two inches wide by one-half inch thick. It is nonmetal. The composition is ferric materials mixed with a gray-black coloring materials that gives the appearance of slate. The life of this type of magnet is three to five years, and it can be recharged again and again if needed.”

“Many animals, like man, suffer from infections, swellings and stoppages in the passage to the appendix. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix, a small sac-like appendage of the large intestine. Applying the North pole energy to the infected or inflamed area for 45 minutes to one hour twice or three times a day shows a marked reduction. This is especially accurate if application is started soon after tenderness or pain is noted.”

“Animals as they grow old suffer from arthritis, as do many people. Although there are many types of arthritis, magnets still brought improvement to the condition. Some types of arthritis are caused by the development and growth of small hair-like fibers of calcium that develop and form across the joints of the fingers, arms, legs, and many parts of the body. Slow dissolution of the calcium development was noted when the North pole was used to the feet and limbs of the animal. The North pole of the N-1 biomagnet was used for 30 to 40 minutes twice a day. Results were shown by X rays taken before and after a series of exposure to the North pole magnetic energy. Many cases responded well. In the neura types of arthritis, inflamed joints and associated disorders, the North pole energy alleviates pain and reduces inflamed joints with many cases recovering in a week or several weeks.”

Virtually all parts of the body and many conditions are addressed in these books.