A Grand Design of Dreams | Contemplating Divine Revelation


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This book sets out a detailed and insightful view and course of action that can be adapted by the spiritual beginner as well as the spiritually awakened. The book also includes valuable health information gathered throughout the world as a result of the guidance received through dreams.


Steven A. Ross & Jeffrey Wincel

380 pp

A Grand Design of Dreams – Contemplating Divine Revelation is an easy-to-read and engaging book that will illuminate a new generation of spiritual and personal excellence. Ross & Wincel share their experiences with the dream world and empower others with the knowledge and awareness that there is a ‘Grand Design’ coming from the Architect and Source of our dreams. Working with our dreams can guide each of us to a mystical and transcendent spiritual life.

Notes from the Author, Steven A, Ross

My second book, A Grand Design of Dreams, would never have been written without the organizational skills, beautiful writing style and incredible patience of Jeffrey Wincel, my co-author. Sitting on a restaurant patio, while our significant others were shopping in Sedona, Arizona, I was sharing with Jeff how I had been guided by dreams since I was 23 years old. For 47 years, through dreams, I had made profound spiritual connections and received philosophical and spiritual guidance; been given specific locations throughout the world in which I would receive overlooked — or believed lost — health, scientific and philosophical materials.

I shared with Jeff my experiences in European castles belonging to alchemists; my possessing one of the most powerful microscopes ever developed, the Rife Universal microscope; playing beach volleyball with Wilt Chamberlain; my adventures with Qigong masters in China; the lesson I learned while betting on horses at Santa Anita racetrack; and my discovery of the men and women around the world who made incredible health discoveries to successfully address cancer and other health challenges, but whose work had been attacked because of people’s greed and vested interests.

I shared with Jeff how I had received, through my dreams, an awareness of numerous personal spiritual gifts, and how, eventually, I have realized that there is a grand design in which dreams come to us directly from Higher Realms, and we don’t need intermediaries to be in contact with our Creator. Through dreams containing philosophical messages and rhymed poetry, I have realized a profound and loving guidance that exists for us all if we are open to receiving it. Perhaps all that is needed for our greatest enlightenment is A Beautiful Heart, an Open Mind, and a Humble Spirit.

Jeff looked at me and said, “You need to write a book.” My response was, if you write it with me, then let’s do it.

It is because of Jeffrey Wincel that this book has now been written and many of my adventures and life altering discoveries are now saved for posterity. I would also like to thank Cyndi Dale for her forward and Regina Meredith for her kind words and continuing support of my work.

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