And Nothing Happened… But You Can Make It Happen


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Have greed, ego and vested interests kept potentially safer and more effective medical and health technologies from the public?


By Steven A. Ross (Paperback)

173 pp

As medical and health costs continue to rise, this has not lead to acceptable solutions for any of our major health challenges. To continue throughout your life taking pharmaceutical drugs or have constant surgeries for a particular health challenge should not be tolerated. Is there an alternative to the manner in which we treat disease? Inside this book you will discover that there are better solutions for our health care and why they have not been included into our medical system. Inside this book, in a non-technical manner, you will learn about:

  • A past chairman of the Nobel Assembly whose electrical cure for cancer, with no adverse effects, was completely ignored
  • A device that heals wounds at twice normal speed
  • An African herb that has shown in multiple studies to eliminate the need for heart-bypass in 90% of studies
  • The most powerful light-source microscope in the world; if it was used for research would change the entire paradigm of medicine away from pharmaceuticals
  • How the use of color allowed a little girl with third-degree burns on 2/3 of her body to grow new skin without topical preparations
  • How an eagle was cured of a health problem but why humans are denied the therapy and must continue to suffer with the same difficulty

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