Let There Be Light

dinshah ghadiali

The Healing Art of Spectro-Chrome

18 Comments by Steven A. Ross

The effects of color and light on the human system are subjects of continuous scientific investigation. The research and experiments of the late Dinshah Ghadiali proved that the body could be tuned or adjusted from disease to health by systematically exposing it to colored light. An example of this effect is found in the medical practice of treating premature babies with Bilirubin Syndrome (jaundice) by exposing them to blue light, although the methodology is somewhat different from Ghadiali's.


Dinshah Ghadiali was born of Persian descent in Bombay, India, in the year 1873. At the age of eleven, he became assistant to the Professor of Mathematics and Science at Wilson College in Bombay. In his early career, Dinshah was Superintendent of Telephone and Telegraph for Dolphur State in India.


The year 1897 marked a permanent turning point in his medical career. The niece of a friend was suffering from mucous colitis. The attending physician was using the then accepted drugs, to no avail. Having read Edwin S. Babbitt's work, The Principles of Light and Color, and Blue and Red Light, by Dr. Seth Pancoast, Dinshah was aware of the theory of chromopathy (healing with colored light). Dinshah treated the young woman according to Dr. Babbitt's technique. The light from a kerosene lantern, filtered through an indigo colored glass, shone on her. Milk was placed in a bottle of the same color, exposed to the sunlight, and then given to her to drink. Dinshah writes, "The urgent straining to evacuate, which occurred perhaps a hundred times a day, abated to ten after one treatment; after three days she was able to get out of bed." This case was the beginning of Dinshah's intense investigation into the effects of colored light on the human organism.


In April of 1920, Dinshah introduced his system of healing with colored lights to the world in New York City. (He had taken up permanent residence in the United States in 1911.) He named his development Spectro-Chrome. In the next four years Dinshah trained over 800 professionals and lay persons. He also designed and sold color projectors and accessories.


The first indication of opposition to Spectro-Chrome emerged in the pages of the January 1924 Journal of the American Medical Association. The article ridiculed Spectro-Chrome and its originator as being preposterous, closing with the statements, "Some physicians, after reading this article, may wonder why we have devoted the amount of space to a subject that, on its face seems so preposterous as to condemn itself. When it is realized that helpless but credulous patients are being treated for such serious conditions as syphilitic conjunctivitis, ovaritis, diabetes mellitus, pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic gonorrhea with colored lights, the space devoted to this latest cult will not be deemed excessive."


An indictment in Buffalo, New York, in 1931 charged that Dinshah feloniously defrauded a purchaser by falsely representing Spectro-Chrome as a healing system. He defended Spectro-Chrome with the testimony of three physicians: Dr. Kate Baldwin, Dr. Martha Peebles and Dr. Welcome Hanor.


All three of the medical experts gave sworn testimony before the New York Supreme Court. Dr. Kate Baldwin, M.D., F.A.C.S., was Senior Surgeon at the Women's Hospital of Philadelphia, and had been using the Spectro-Chrome system for ten years. When she was asked by the prosecution if Spectro-Chrome would cure cancer, Dr. Baldwin stated that in many cases it would. She testified that she had used it to cure gonorrhea, syphilis, breast tumors, cataracts, gastric ulcers, and severe third-degree burns, "I may commence at the top of the head and cover practically every part of the body: ordinary inflammatory conditions of the eye, cataracts, glaucoma, hemorrhage into the retina and sclera, infection of the sinuses, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, heart conditions (functional and organic), acute indigestion and ulcers of the stomach, asthma and hay fever, hiccoughs that had for ten days resisted all classical methods, cured in less than one day, all sorts of infections (local and systemic), abscesses, jaundice, kidney conditions, appendicitis…"


In fact, in an article printed in the Atlantic Medical Journal of April 1927, Dr. Baldwin stated that after thirty-seven years of active hospital and private practice in medicine and surgery, she produced quicker and more accurate results using Spectro-Chrome than with any other methods, and there was less strain on the patient.


Urging the medical profession to investigate the effect of color light on burns, she cited the following case history, "In very extensive burns in a child of eight years of age, there was almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours, with a temperature of 105 to 106 degrees. Fluids were forced to no effect, and a more hopeless case is seldom seen. Scarlet was applied just over the kidneys at a distance of eighteen inches for twenty minutes, all other areas being covered. Two hours later, the child voided eight ounces of urine."


Dr. Martha Peebles also gave sworn testimony at the trial. Dr. Peebles was a doctor of medicine for twenty-four years, including twenty years working for the Department of Health for the City of New York. She was a physician for New York Life Insurance, and was a physician to the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. During the war, she would attend up to 61 operations daily. She stated that she had been forced to retire due to ill health, but using the Spectro-Chrome system had restored her health. She had used seventeen color machines over ten years, and had treated cancer, hypertrophic arthritis, poliomyelitis, mastoiditis, and many other medical conditions.


Dr. Welcome Hanor, M.D., a medical doctor for over thirty years, provided sworn testimony that he had treated cancer, diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis, ulcers, hemorrhage, neuritis, spinal meningitis, heart disorders, uremic poisoning, and other medical conditions.


The jury did not find Dinshah's healing system "preposterous." Ninety minutes of deliberation resulted in a verdict of 'Not Guilty.'


In 1947, Dinshah was tried in court for "mislabeling." Dinshah was found guilty and was forced to surrender all of the books, magazine articles and papers he had written on Spectro-Chrome to be burned! The estimated worth of the material that the government destroyed was $250,000. Dinshah was placed on five years probation, ordered to disassociate himself from Spectro-Chrome, and to close his institute.


In 1958, the FDA obtained a permanent injunction against Dinshah's institute. He worked under the limits of the injunction until his death in 1966.


A very interesting statement was made by Dr. A. J. Ochsner, M.D., F.A.C.S., who was an author on several texts on surgery during those years, "In a personal experience with septic infection, the pain was so severe that it seemed unbearable. When the use of electric light was suggested, it seemed unlikely that this could act differently from the other forms of therapy that had been employed. Upon applying the light, however, the excruciating pain disappeared almost at once, and since this experience, we have employed the light treatment in hundreds of cases of pain caused by septic infection, and quite regularly with results that were eminently satisfactory, not only in relief of pain, but also because the remedy assists materially in reducing the infection."


Dinshah's son, Darius, is alive and well, living in New Jersey. He has produced two books dealing with his father's work. Both of these books, Let There Be Light, which was written by Darius, and a reprint of his father's 1935 work, the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia, are available from the World Research Foundation.


I have had personal experience with the Spectro-Chrome system over the last twenty years. My father, Stan, was told by physicians that he would not regain the use of his legs due to a spinal infection. Through the use of the Spectro-Chrome, my father did regain the full and complete use of his legs. I have personally been involved with, and witnessed results in, the application of Spectro-Chrome in over one hundred severe medical conditions. In the majority of these cases, the medical profession had nothing to offer those who chose to utilize this therapy.


There are several hundred articles published in reputable scientific and medical journals relating to the effects of light on biological functions, such as Volume 453 of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, "The Medical and Biological Effects of Light." Here is an entire conference dedicated to the biological effects from the use of light and color.


I believe that color therapy is one of the most successful, yet non-invasive therapies in the world! It is also one of the easiest to use; it can be done by laypersons.


The medical profession has utilized color therapy for many years, such as in the example given in the beginning of this article. They may not want to call it as such, but it is.


A couple of years ago, I was asked by my brother if WRF had information concerning a therapy for his injured dog. The young dog had broken out of the yard, and been hit by and dragged under a car for approximately 90 feet. The dog was being brought to a veterinarian daily for fresh bandages. After our recommendation of color therapy, my brother began color tonations about one week after the accident. After four days of color tonations, the veterinarian remarked that he had not witnessed an animal healing so quickly from that type of injury. When my sister-in-law began to explain what they had been doing, the veterinarian said that he did not want to know. His next statement was, "Keep doing it, whatever it is."


  1. Naneki
    September 22, 2007

    I am continuously amazed to read story after story of how the AMA/FDA has kept healing, non-invasive therapies from the American public. They must be stopped. They do not act in the interest of the patient but of their own greed of money and power.

    How have we lost our power? What can we do to regain our voice to speak out and have the public realize there are treatments available to help them, even cure cancer, without horrible side effects and toxic invasion of our bodies.

    What would people say if they knew they are being betrayed by the very doctors claiming to have their best interest at heart???

    We must act soon. Our time has come.

  1. Jeff
    November 13, 2007

    Let there be light!

  1. DC
    January 7, 2008

    Well said, Jeff, and I agree completely. It's heinous what the elite powerlords (read that corporations and gov't) have done and continue to do to keep society in fear and, as a direct result, ill health.

    I do believe, however, that as more people attain a conscious awareness of this, causing the mass consciousness to swing away from this dark age medical model, that the powers that be will crumble very quickly. Much like the Berlin Wall that no one thought would ever fall - on day it was there, the next it was gone.

  1. Bilzer Blitzer
    February 25, 2008

    the suppression of knowledge is the means of power by which the world is goverened. off topic the supression of cold fusion as hoax. now the nuclear regulitory comission is fully exploring it 20 years later

    like wise chroma thearapy is used daily with sonic vibrations (another supressed technology)

    also electro lumminecence (violet ray was supressed, xray combined with chemo thearapy

    that supress technology that ran a car on water

    (stanley meyers) used a laser to assist the fractilization of water to burn in an engine.

    We must understnd that the powers that control the world will not let humanity progress without their control or ability to profit so that they can remain in control and they can have wealth. Population control has been on the eugenics table for at least 100 years

    what a horrible realization

  1. Marc Reymen
    September 12, 2008

    I give colour sessions myself and the results are almost always beyond credibility...

  1. Byron Cragun
    September 19, 2008

    I have been practicing as a DC/ND for 25yrs and have been interested in color therapy since the beginning of Chiro school where I had a friend whose father was an MD using Spectro-chrome therapy.

    The story was that I wanted to talk to my friend's mother about any equipment she might have and stories she might share with me regarding Spectro-chrome therapy. My friend said she probabably would not talk to me.

    His mother had been severely burned by scalding water from her chin to her groin. These were 3rd degree burns. She was immediatly treated with SCT and within minutes she was pain free and was totally healed in one month with no scarring.

    She witnessed her husband's office being raided by the Sheriff and the FDA where his SCT equipment was taken out of the office, put on the lawn and beaten to pieces with sledge hammers.

    She was still under the effects of this experience and thus would not talk to me.

    I have been in the Fiji Is for the past 15 yrs and will be building a health facility/health farm, and want to use Color Therapy with each person. I think I will be unopposed since this will be in association with the tourist industry which is a primary earner for the country.

    My Heart was heavy when I read about Dinshah's persecution, he seemed such a sweet spirit.

    I am well aquainted with Reich's similar treatment but Dinshah seemed such a gentle loving soul. I thank Nexus Magazine for doing the article on Dinshah.

    I hope I can be one millionth as helpful to decreasing misery as Dinshah.

    Darius Dinshah must be infinitely proud of his father.

    I will be in touch continuously in the future.

    Sincerely, Byron Cragun

  1. Joey
    November 27, 2008

    Just got exposed to this form of healing and doing my research. I've seen on the net the availability of roscolene plastic or gel with Dinshah's colors. Is glass not the recommendation of Dinshah. It would seem that glass would work best vs the plastic or gel. Has anyone tried both with similar results. Also no one mentions the specific wavelenghts but just the color available.

    How accurate of a match must the colors and wavelengths be for therapy to be effective?

  1. Marc Reymen
    December 19, 2008

    I'd like to exchange experiences

    I work with theatre equipment and rosco filters

    Works great but is not commercial interesting

    contact me reymen@pandora.be

  1. Benedetta Pignataro
    March 13, 2009

    I would like to know if you have copy of your book in French. This is for a naturopath friend who doesn't know English.

  1. Libby Woods
    May 16, 2009

    I'm interested in this information because 20 odd years ago my premature daughter was born at a weight of 5lbs 3oz with juandice. She left the hospital with me 4 lbs 9oz with strict instruction to return daily for weight and bilirubin checks. The pediatrician asked me to place my premature baby in the window with sunlight, or supervised with me in the yard to expose her to sunlight to heal her juandice. I did as prescribed by her pediatrician and the juandice went away.

    I never considered that there may be other healings for the spectrum of light.

  1. M
    July 31, 2009

    I will only say that from what I have heard, that Dinshah was a truly a great man. I remember as a young child, going through some books on my Grandfather's shelf and coming across an old hardback book, dark green in color, written by Dinshah. I was so stunned by the exhaustive list of credentials listed after his name and the things contained in the book. My Grandfather related to me many stories of this great man and of the confiscation of his materials.

    Grandpa recounted to me the story that one night they heard a low flying plane come over the town and shortly thereafter there was an explosion at the Dinshah lab in Malaga, New Jersey. My Grandfather, who was a farmer, lived in the same town, on Old Dutch Mill Rd., and personally knew Dinshah.

    My father as a young man also knew Dinshah and his son Darius and told me the same story and went so far as to take me to the exact location when I was a young child. He also told me that when the family walked down the road, the would walk in single file, like ducklings following a mama duck.

    I have never heard anyone else speak of this explosion so it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has a similar story. Perhaps Dinshah's son Darius has some information, but I suspect if he knows something then he's not talking. Time has a way of covering up things, but if this really happened then this story should be investigated further and put on a radio show like 'Coast to Coast with George Nory'

  1. Jasmin
    August 3, 2009

    I am interested in learning chromotherapy and have heard about Dr.Dinshah Ghadiali... I just wanted to know whether it can be learnt through internet... can Darius help me in this? I am a commerce student so is it possible for me to learn it?

  1. Rocco Zannino
    December 12, 2009

    Am licensed therapist. Would like to learn SCTx. Anyone who can lend info. please to contact.

  1. Mitch Sprague
    May 30, 2010

    I'm looking for a person or persons who want to set up individual cabins equipped with Spectra Chrome equipment. I recently purchased 5 1/2 acres in S. Missouri. There is another 14+ acres available with it's own well water. It's on a dead end road in the middle of nowhere. Could be purchased for about $27,000 with property taxes under $300 a year. No building permit problems there. Away from prying eyes. Plenty of room for growing food & still plenty of wood land. My thoughts are to rent these small cabins out for short term learning & healing done by the renter themselves to avoid law suites. More cabins could be added with profits until it resembles a real health resort. You can contact me by email antiquecowboy53@aol.com if you're interested in such a venture.

  1. Roger Langford
    July 10, 2010

    I am having problems getting a set of Rosclene color filters used in Spectro-chrome therapy. Can anyone point me to a source.

  1. cZan
    August 19, 2010

    I am a Reikii practitioner and I have used chromotherapy for many years before I knew of Reikii and have found this technique of color healing to be very valuable and a most effective way of healing. I prefer glass but have used other elements as well. Dr. Dinshah, along with other pioneers of healing offered their insights to safe and simple ways of healing for the world to learn from. But unfortunately many have deaf ears to what is truly natural and reject energetic healing over the preference of drugs but there will always be those that know the truth and follow it and those that discover it and learn another way, another world.

  1. Patricia Smith
    October 5, 2010

    I would like someone to please tell me clearly where to buy the filters. (Roscolene filters) or glass specific to this function. I have been put off trying as several years ago I could not find what was needed. Now being reminded again, i feel i have wasted so much time due to poor information. Please help if you can. I am in England.

  1. Janis Norville
    November 28, 2010

    I am a therapist (Bowen -N.S.T therapy) I am also learning chakra energy healing.

    I would love to know where to buy the correct glass, and use it on my clients, my damaged knee and my family.

    I would love your help please.

    Some very interesting information which I am currently reading from a free ebook is called Return to the Golden Age of Man by Jerry Issa. It is about the beginning of ancient man and then in part two healing and telepathic abilities to develop and much more.

  1. Barbara Leo
    December 21, 2010


    We give crystal light chromatherapy treatments at our retreat center, and some people have amazing results, others just a sense of calm and peace, and others a sense of excitement and rejuvination. It really varies by person, but almost everyone wants to do it again.


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