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– Why I wrote this book

– Part 1: The Emperor’s New Clothes – Analogy of what is taking place in medicine.
– Part 2: The Tomato Effect – Why new research is often not accepted.
– Part 3: How Do We Treat The Messengers – Past, Present and Future – What happens to the discovers of new therapies.

Chapter 1: Preparing For My Journey
– Brief overview of experiences leading to writing this book.

Chapter 2: Surpassing All Limitations
– Story of Royal Rife who invented the world’s most powerful microscope, ten times more powerful then those used today. The microscope was developed in the 1920’s.

Chapter 3: The Nobel Chairman Is Ignored
– Dr.Bjorn Nordenstrom, a past Chairman of the Nobel Assembly, discovered how to shrink lung and breast cancer tumors using electricity with no side effects. His work was completely ignored.

Chapter 4: Who Is Colorblind?
– The use of color for various diseaseas and illnesses. Doctors swore under oath in court they had healed cancer, arthritis, diabetes and cured a 8 year old girl of 3rd degree burns without topical therapy. This color system was used in the 1920’s.

Chapter 5: Waves That Heal
– Georges Lakhovsky discovered the electrical properties of cells and built a device called an MWO destroying cancer and accelerating healing. The device was built in the 1930’s.

Chapter 6: Fields of Life
– Dr.Harold Burr, Yale University, documents the invisible energy fields surrounding all living organisms. These L-fields keep all matter in shape. Burr could predict where and when a cancer tumor would develop before it was ever seen or registering on any medical test equipment. Research was done in the 1930’s.

Chapter 7: The Phenomenon of Life
– Dr. George Crile discovered that electricity is the key to growth and health of all living organisms. Recognized as one of the top ten surgeons of all time, he could explain why and how life functions and why illness develops. Time period was the 1930’s.

Chapter 8: Twice Normal Speed
– This is the story of the amazing Diapulse Machine. It was confirmed by more than twenty universities and research centers to accelerate healing twice the normal speed. Used in the Olympics, the FDA banned it for 15 years because they claimed it couldn’t possibly work. Hundreds of double-blind studies all around the world confirm it works.

Chapter 9: Bypassing Bypass
– In the 1940’s, a doctor discovered a little herb from Africa that balances out the pH in the heart and eliminates the need for almost 90% of scheduled bypass surgeries. Hundreds of studies, including one from a Nobel Prize winner, confirms that the model used for heart and heart bypass therapy is not accurate or valid.

Chapter 10: Visualizing the Meridians
– Two aerospace nuclear medical doctors have made visible the entire acupuncture meridian system using radioactive isotope (Te99) and catscan cameras. They have validated the ancient Chinese meridian system as being 100% correct as written more than 3,000 years ago.

Chapter 11: The Cast Off Cell
– A presentation made in 1954 to the Gynecological Society in Chicago, Illinois, reported a new test that measured the voltage of one cell cast off in the vaginal tract that could determine whether a woman had uterine, cervical or no cancer. There was never a false negative and the positive was 94% accurate. It was a completely non-invasive accurate test.

Chapter 12: Sam the Eagle
– Numerous veterinarians tried to heal the injured wing of Sam the Eagle. When all efforts failed, a special electromagnetic healing device was used. This European machine healed the eagle’s wing but placed the doctor at great risk from medical authorities in the U.S.

Chapter 13: The Cure That Time Forgot
– Ultraviolet blood irradiation was used in the 1940’s and had a cure rate of 98% in early and moderately advanced infections and 50% with near dead patients. It was used for wounds, asthma and arthritis. With the advent of pharmaceuticals all use of this technique disappeared. There was never any reported side effects.

Chapter 14: Have We Left A Stone Unturned?
– The vice-president and head actuary for the 13th largest insurance company in the U.S gives his opinion on what is taking place in the American health-care system.

Chapter 15: Conclusion

Chapter 16: And What Must Happen
– What must happen in the U.S. for there to be change in our medical approach for the leading causes of illness and death. The preface and introduction explained how the U.S. is at the lowest rank of the major industrialized countries regarding mortality rates.

– Rife Mircroscope: Letters and newspaper articles.
– Time Capsule: Short articles on health from magazines 1930-1952.
– The Cell: A simple electrical model of a nominal biological cell.
– Suggested Reading

Dr. Steven A. Ross, Ph.D is co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For nearly 40 years he has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered hundreds of lectures and made presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital networks, and has been interviewed on more than 150 radio programs and 15 regional and national television programs. He has been and expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consulted for the insurance industry.